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A Business Plan


1.0       EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                                      
            1.1       The Opportunity                                                                                 4
            1.2       Description of the Business                                                                4
            1.3       Competitive Advantage                                                                      4
            1.4       The Target Market                                                                              4

2.0       THE BUSINESS MODEL                                                    
            2.1       The Description of the Business                                                         5
            2.2       The Opportunity                                                                                 7
            2.3       Competitive Advantages                                                                    9
3.0       INDUSTRY ANALYSIS                                                     
            3.1       Industry Description                                                                           12
            3.2       Target Market                                                                                     18
            3.3       Competitive Position within Target Market                                       19
4.0       MARKETING PLAN                                                           
            4.1       Product/Service Feasibility Analysis                                                  20
            4.2       Pricing Strategy                                                                                  21       
            4.3       Channel Distribution                                                                           21
            4.4       Promotions and Advertising                                                               22

5.0       OPERATION PLAN                        
            5.1       Machinery and Equipment                                                                 25

            ATTACHMENT                                                                                             30       
            REFERENCES                                                                                              30       
            APPENDIX                                                                                                    31

1.0              EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
1.1              The Opportunity
People nowadays prefer to purchase products or obtain services in more convenience and time saving methods. In the fast-moving world, time is the essence for every matter. It is because the increasing competencies of business and learning environment in Malaysia require people to compete with the time. Realizing the potential, Jombeli! can fulfil the requirement of people by offering variety of products through vending machine and with just a short processing time.

            1.2       Description of the Business
Jombeli! business concept is similar with convenience store but we are operating with full-line vending machines. Our product is consisting of five categories: food, beverage, snack and candy, health and beauty care, and general merchandise. The selling price of our products will be set with a reasonable price. On the other hand, we offered customers to start their own vending machine business; whereas allowed them to sell their D.I.Y or other products in our store on rental basics with terms and conditions applied.

            1.3       Competitive Advantage
Our shops provide one-stop experience for customer as our vending machines contain variety of products. Besides, we provide clear instructions to operate the vending machines and customer service is available once customer having any enquiries. We also having regular machine maintenance to guarantee our vending machines are in good condition. Moreover, we have created a first mover advantage in the industry as we are the first in Malaysia to offer the one-stop experience for vending machine products.

            1.4       The Target Market
Our target market is the nearby residents and peoples who pass by. For example, public transport passengers from LRT stations, workers from several big companies and people who prefer simple purchasing procedure and not willing to spend their time to interact with sales person. Besides, we are also targeting D.I.Y lovers or entrepreneurs which require a channel to sell their products but lack of capital to obtain physical store.
2.0              THE BUSINESS MODEL

2.1              The Description of the Business

2.1.1    The name, logo, and location of the propose business. The name of the business
The name of purpose business is JomBeli! The logo depicting a vending machine which is our core business model and also represents our competitive edge (vending machine). The logo of our company is symbolizing our company’s name (vending machine business). Besides, our logo is created in such a simple but unique way to let it easily remember by everyone. Basically, the JomBeli! is mean for a new shopping trends that full of vending machine. Next the logo is also showing that our company’s vision to become a world-class famous brand name in future days.

Figure 1: JomBeli! Company Logo

            The location of the business
The location of our store will be at No. 89 & 91, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri, 54200 Kuala Lumpur. This location is in a strategic area where the traffic flow is very high due to the public and private facilities around our store. For instant, our store is surrounded by high school, college, hospital, police station, banks, hospital, hotels, restaurants and station bus. All the facilities indirectly supporting our business by boosting up the flows of people which our may become our potential customers. As so, a good and strategic location helps a lot for a business to be success.

Figure 2: Location of JomBeli! Office

            2.1.2    Nature of business/ products or services offer
JomBeli! is similar with convenience store but we are operating with full-line vending machines. Vending machine services offers customers a convenience and simple ways to purchase variety of products. Differ with other vending machines and convenience store, JomBeli! offers customers to place their products in our vending machine for selling purpose. We will conduct our business through click and mortal model which providing customers to visit our website, www.jombeli.com.my that provides detail information about our products categories and customers service link. Our physical store will be located at the location of our store at No. 89 & 91, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri, 54200 Kuala Lumpur

Our business will provide customer two types of products, whereas our products and customer’s products. Our product was ranged from food, beverage, snack and candy, health and beauty care, and general merchandise which enabled customers to purchase the variety of products with just required inserting the coins and pressing the button easily. Customers also have the opportunity to start their small business at our shop which just placing their own product without required own physical store.

We intend to create a non-distraction business environment which enable customer to visiting our shop without any interruption of sales person. Customers can enjoy their purchasing process as Jombeli! offer a D.I.Y buying process without any sales person. Besides that, time-saving is an important benefit that we deliver to customers as all our products will sells through vending machine which systematic and accurate.

2.1.3    Company missions and objectives
Our company’s mission statement is to provide fast, easy and convenience service all over the time to customers.

Our missions are:
    • JomBeli! is devoted to become the market leading in the vending machine service provider in retail industry by providing quality products and reasonable price.
    • JomBeli! will provide the vending machine service any time to meet our customers’ needs and preference.
    • JomBeli! will ensure all customers gained satisfaction with our consistent machine’s service quality and products and always the best choice for customer with our professionalism and comprehensiveness on vending machines.

Our objectives are:
1.      We expect to reach the break-even point within a year.
2.      We will create a reliable, well-perceived brand image in the retail industry by providing excellent vending machine service to customers.
3.      We are dedicated to open branches of Jombeli! in all around Malaysia We plan to open our first branch in five years’ time which the location will be targeting on potential business or schooling area within Kuala Lumpur.
4.      We will recover the capital invested by our partners within five years of business.

2.2              The Opportunity

2.2.1    Problem to Solve or Need to be Filled
The trend of fast moving to compete with time is the dilemma facing by most of the people. People prefer fast and convenience way for purchasing goods in order to save their time. As a result, many industries have aware this changes and introduce new methods to conduct business to attract customers. For example, fast food restaurants such as KFC have increased rapidly in Malaysia and adapted by majority citizens. We have identified three problems that have to solve by entrepreneur nowadays.

1)      Time constraint -  Modern lifestyles are competitive and challenging especially in cities. As a result, people becoming more and more concern for time management in order to perform more activities in daily life. For example, LRT passengers have to cope with time in order to purchase train ticket on right time. Hence, time availability become a major issue for customers for obtain any products or services.

2)      Scarcity of human resource - Human resource is the basic elements for business such as convenience store require sales assistant and cashier to serving customers. Human resource becomes more expensive than before as the employee’s educational level is getting higher. The employee’s salary will become a cost for company and the more employees being hired, higher cost will be obtained. Besides that, company also needs to prepare employee’s training and development cost, wellness program cost and employee turnover cost for hiring employees. Machines are more cost saving than human resource although maintenance cost is required.

3)      Products availability - Customers will meet difficulties on purchasing products especially at midnight. Most of the shops are closed at that moment. Besides that, some store’s location also not convenience for customer as the location may too far from LRT center when the passengers is rushing to another destination.

2.2.2    How the Proposed Business Solves the Problem or Fills the Need
JomBeli! can fulfil the needs of the people by offering them an easy and convenience buying experience through vending machine. Our customers can avoid unnecessary long queues or cashier mistake in traditional store as machines are more accurate and efficient than human. Hence, customers can obtain their products without wasting unnecessary time. Vending machine can also solve the human resource problem as our business was totally functioning by vending machines. Other than that, we offered people to rent our vending machine in order to selling their products. It will create mutual benefits for both parties as we have additional products to display while for the tenant they have the opportunity to expose their products in market. JomBeli! will also operate 24 hour in order to satisfy customer’s needs no matter when they need our products. We also prepare a feedback form which enable customers to voice out their opinion.

2.3              Competitive Advantages

2.3.1        Description of the Business Model
They are different form of business model in the retail industry which includes super markets and convenience store. In order to gain profitable market share in the competitive environment, Jombeli! provide variety of products with reasonable price for customer to purchase via vending machines. Our business is dedicated to customers who are busy and prefer convenience style of purchasing products.

We have conducted a SWOT analysis to identify our strengths, opportunities in the market which enable us to obtain competitive advantage among our competitors.

Figure 2.1: SWOT Analysis

2.3.2        How the Business Will Create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Product Variety and Availability
The product we offer to customer includes foods, beverage, etc. Each category offer variety types of products to satisfy difference preference of customers. For example, our food category consists of rice, mee, and condom. Our target is to attract customer to repeatedly purchase our product and they have variety of options in a single category.

The product’s availability is an important element to retain customer satisfaction. In order to fulfil customer demand on our products, our operation department will ensure efficient stock replenish be done before our products are unavailable in the machine.

24 Hour Automated Operation
One of the uniqueness of vending machine is it can operate without staff monitoring. It is beneficial for our company as cost saving on hiring additional staff. JomBeli! also operating 24 hours as our target is fulfilling customer needs whenever they need our product. Traditional grocery store and supermarket may have insufficient staff resources when customers are crowded. Besides, most of them have limitation on operating time per day. Jombeli! will offer an additional and convenience way for customer to purchase goods.

Regular Maintenance on Vending Machine
Most of the Malaysia citizens have bad experience for vending machine as some of it is out of service for long period. Jombeli! will create a good reputation of vending machine in Malaysia as our technician will conduct regular machine check-up and maintenance. Besides that, we also clean the machines layout each week so customer’s will not feel uncomfortable when operate the machine.

Excellence Customer Support
Despite high quality maintenance on our vending machine, we understand that customer support is our priority during conducting the business. JomBeli! will provide customer care-line and website for customer enquiry. We are confidence that most of the customer will satisfy with our product but by setting customer service line we can have interaction with customer and gain their loyalty.

3.0              INDUSTRY ANALYSIS    

3.1              Industry Description

3.1.1    Industry Trends
Vending machine is one of the methods to conduct businesses in retail industry. In Malaysia, the retail industry has contributed significantly to the nation’s GDP (www.smithsonianmag.com, 2000). The demand for vending machine has been increase as consumer may have limitation on time for shopping. Vending machine offers the customers to purchase products by automated procedure. Most of the vending machines in Malaysia are installed in urban area such as railway station and shopping mall. These locations are crowded by passengers or shoppers and all of them are potential to become the vending machine’s customers once they pass through the location (www. www.ncvrefreshmentservices.com.com, 2006).

Besides these factors, the innovation of vending machines also enhanced the business to be attractive and profitable to invest. For example, water vending machines is widely adapted in Malaysia recently which enable consumer to purchase fresh water by insert coins to the machines. In Japan, vending machines offer consumer to purchase fresh eggs and vegetables which prove that this business is applicable and continuous improvement for the products variety will strengthen the trend.

Jombeli! concept is slightly differ with current vending machine business in Malaysia, whereas Jombeli! business model is combine different vending machine and locates it in a physical shop (www.candymachines.com, 2003). We will fully operate our business via various vending machines in a shop. We will combine the concept of convenience store and implement it with fully utilize the vending machines. Although the variety of products may not as comprehensive as convenience store due to our limitation on financial capabilities, but we can satisfy customers who’s familiar with vending machine purchasing and prefer more products can be purchase in a single location.

            3.1.2    Industry Size
Vending machine has a significant contribution to economic in many countries such as USA and Japan (www.japan-guide.com, 2009). Compare with these countries, the adaptation and trend of using vending machines in Malaysia still have a lot potential to be explore by entrepreneur although vending machine availability is moderate in this country. USA is one of the most profitable markets for this industry due to its high population and also higher income (www.unison.com, 2009). Malaysia populations being increase each year and the citizen’s purchasing power also increase significantly. Although Malaysia’s market may have slightly different with USA’s market due to social-cultural and other considerable factors, but we believe that Jombeli! able to gain a good market share in Malaysia through our excellent services. The tables below show the revenue of vending machines in USA.

Figure 3.1.2: Vending Industry Revenue in the US Market (US$ billion)
Source: Maras, E (2006). Operators Struggle with Market Demands, State of the Vending Industry Report

The Malaysian consumer expenditure had been increased by 100% over the past six years (Bailey, 2009). The increasing purchasing power of consumer provides bright business opportunity to the industry. The tables below show consumer expenditure in the Malaysia Market.

Consumer Expenditure
Small Grocery Retailer
Food/Drink/Tobacco specialists
Consumer Expenditure on Food
Table 3.1.2: Consumer Expenditure in the Malaysian Market (US$ million)
Source: Bailey, M. (2009). Malaysian Summerfruit Overview. Department of Primary Industries

Our target customers were people from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is the economic center in our country; hence the business opportunity is attractive although it is also competitive. People there are busying in daily life and demand fast and easy way to purchase products. Besides the competitive lifestyle of Kuala Lumpur that enhances us to choose it as location, the density of population is also another main consideration for JomBeli! If compare with other state’s district such as Kedah’s Alor Setar whereas less populated, Kuala Lumpur population create huge target market to our business. The tables below show the population in Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur in year 2014 and 2015.

Population (Million)
Table 3.1.2: Population in Malaysia
Source: Department of statistics

Population (Million)
Table 3.1.2: Population in Malaysia
Source: Department of statistics

Besides that, Kuala Lumpur is one of the attractive locations for foreign tourist to visit. As the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur has provided standardize transportation such as bus, taxi and train services. Most of the tourist will stay in hotel during the trip. Our location is nearby few hotels that enable these tourists to purchase our products conveniently.

            3.1.3    Industry Attractiveness
Our company use Porter Five Forces to analyze industry attractiveness. It contains threat of new entrant, bargaining power of buyer, bargaining power of supplier, threat of substitutes, and competitive rivalry.

Figure 3.1.3: Porter Five Forces

Threat of New Entrant
Threat of new entrant for our company is very low. Our company apply the first mover advantage strategy enter to retail industry that is our company sell the product through vending machine. If compared to other competitor use traditional way for selling product, our company is using a new and innovative way for selling product in Malaysia. Then, customer will be attracting by our company and increase the awareness of our brand among customer. Being first to initiate a strategic move can have a high payoff when pioneering helps build a firm’s image and reputation with buyers. Strong brand preferences will increase the entry barrier for the other newcomer, the stronger the attachment of buyers to established brands, the harder it is for a newcomer to break into marketplace. To attract customer, new entrants may have to offer buyers a discounted price or an extra margin of quality or service. Thus, the new entrants may need high capital to do this and they may not get back the profit they wanted. In addition, high capital requirement also will increase the entry barriers. The larger the total dollar investment needed to enter the market successfully, the more limited the pool of potential entrants.

Bargaining Power of Buyer
Bargaining power of buyer for our company is high. Our company sells the same product with other competitor; customer may buy the product with other competitor not our company. The switching cost to other competitor is very low, so the bargaining power of buyer is very high. Beside this, customer also can obtain the information and quality about product through internet. They are able to compare the price of the product with other competitors. Therefore, their price sensitiveness and product quality requirement become very high.

Bargaining Power of Supplier
Bargaining power of supplier for our company is low. Our company needs a lot of supplier to supply product to us. But the products we sell in our company are readily available from many suppliers at the going market price. Our company able to find the other suppliers since our company sells the common product that this is not so difficult to find another competitor.

Threat of Substitute
Threat of substitute for our company is high. Threat of substitute will be high when too many same businesses offered in one location. In addition, substitute products are readily available and attractively price, it will attract buyer purchase the product from other competitors. The costs that buyers incur in switching to the substitutes are low, and low switching costs make it easier for the sellers of attractive substitutes to lure buyers to their products.

Competitive Rivalry
Competitive rivalry for our company is high. Our company’s competitor pressure is come from indirect competitor. The indirect competitors are convenience store, shopping center, which are selling almost same products with our company. Buyers may buy the product from the competitors but not us, because convenience store and shopping center contain wider product assortments than us. They will provide many choice of product to customer. In addition, buyer costs to
switch brands are low.

3.2              Target Market
Our target markets are students, tourist and passengers that surrounded in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area. As the former capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur had a lot of commercial centers, shop lots and schools. Besides that, the traffic system is also comprehensive which includes LRT and Taxi services. As a result, the population of Kuala Lumpur is high density than other areas in Malaysia. The residents and tourist in Kuala Lumpur are facing dilemma such as traffic jam and also time consuming for waiting public transport. Most of them are familiar with vending machine as it provides conveniences and simplicity for purchasing. The selection of products offering by vending machines may limit by the number of machines that being installed in the area and also the variety of the product itself. Therefore, it is applicable to offer customers more variety of products by just on one spot.

Besides that, customers can enjoy the flexibility in terms of time. The vending machines will be operated day and night to serve the customers. People surrounding the area can come through our vending machines any time as long as they feel free. Without any monitoring from staff personnel, the customers can choose their preferable products freely. People that surrounded in Kuala Lumpur streets are crowded no matter day and night. Hence, by offering variety choice of products via vending machine, they can purchase the goods through machine when the traditional convenience shops were closed.

3.3              Competitive Position within Target Market

Product Quality
Product Innovation
Quality of customer support
Sale Promotion
Brand name recognition
Highly strategic
Moderate strategic
Moderate strategic
Table 3.3: Competitive Analysis Grid for JomBeli!

In overall, JomBeli! is a good choice for customers as the product sold is not expensive. Moreover, the location of the store is placed in the middle of city where the population is very high. Besides, the customers support provided by our company is very high quality compared to other competitors. Our store is one-stop convenience store that provides varieties of product, for example customer able to find technology products, presents and health care products in our store, it is different with our competitors. Although our company’s brand recognition is very low, but our company believes that we can build strong brand recognition in future, and our store is located at a strategic location, so, building strong brand recognition is very easy. On the other hand, our company has hires professional and highly trained employees.

4.0              MARKETING PLAN

4.1              Product/Service Feasibility Analysis
JomBeli! provide a wide range of daily consume product via vending machine. We have the same concept with the convenience store which is try to fulfill customers' on-the-spot needs. Our product was divided into six categories, which is food, beverage, snack and candy, health and beauty care, and general merchandise.

In the food categories, we provide breads, instant noodles and also canned foods such as tuna fish to customers. Our beverage’s products will include soft drinks, mineral water, juices and teas. Snack and candy products are consisting of chocolates and candies that widely adapted in Malaysia market. Facial masks, cleanser, medical plaster and other products will be offered in health and beauty care categories. The general merchandise products that will be selling in JomBeli! are umbrella, recyclable bags and magazines.

Not only physical product, we also provide some service that needed by potential customer who pass by, such as vending massage chair that enable customers to have an opportunity to relax after tiring of walking or working.

In addition, we allow customers to display their product in our vending machine by monthly or weekly rental. This service is operating in term of sales maximization, means
that conflict of interest between customers' product and JomBeli’s product is not allowed.
It is an opportunity for those who want to sell their product but hard to afford an outlet. This service helps us to make full use of our vending machine which is available and able
to earn extra income.

4.2              Pricing Strategy
Our pricing strategy is developed based on 4'c, which are customer, competitor, cost and convenience (www.ncvrefreshmentservices.com, 2006). Firstly, we will consider about the perception of customers. Secondly, we will pay attention to the price of competitors.
Thirdly, all of our fix and variable cost will be considered when formulate pricing strategy. Lastly, we will consider the convenience of customer and avoid odd pricing strategy. For an example, insert RM 2.00 will be more convenience than insert RM 1.90 for a transaction. These are the four main factors to consider when we determine the price of our product.

After consider all the four factors, our company has chosen everyday low price strategy. Everyday low price strategy is a pricing strategy promising consumers a low price without the need to wait for promotion or comparison shop. Everyday low price strategy can help us to save the expenses and effort needed to mark down prices in the store during promotion. Everyday low price strategy is suitable due to our low operating cost.

We transfer the value which we save from operating cost to our customers, and we still able to earn a same margin with other competitors. Everyday low price strategy helps our company to generate customer loyalty and promote the culture of vending machine (www.alsomia.com, 2008). Compare to Japan, the culture of using vending machine is still between the introduction stage and growth stage.

4.3              Channel Distribution
In the whole distribution chain, JomBeli! act as a value-added intermediate between manufacture and end user. Jombeli! will use direct channel to distribute product to customers and also directly deal with suppliers. For the vending machine rental service, customer can reach us directly by telephone, e-mail or visit our official website (www.jombeli.com.my).

JomBeli! purchase a variety of product directly from difference suppliers and place them in vending machine for customer to purchase. Direct distribute channel is a simple channel which easily to monitor and operate. It also helps to eliminate a lot of cost since there are no intermediate involve. By replenish stock at the lowest cost, our everyday low
pricing strategy able to implement.
We decide to use direct channel through vending machine after consider the characteristic of our products and target customers. These two elements play an important role in the selection of distribute channel. First, the characteristic of our product is considered as general and daily consume product. So, the availability of our product is important. Customers will have the need of these general merchandise most the time in many places. Besides that, the transaction between customers and us can do without provide any additional information, such as usage and function.

Second, our customers are target as those who pass by the location. So, the transaction must be as simple as possible and let customers able to get the merchandise on the spot. Our direct channel through vending machine is suitable for our business due to it can match with the characteristic as we mention before.

4.4              Promotions and Advertising

4.4.1        Promotion Strategy

Weekly Special Promotion
Weekly special promotion is a strategy that set a product at a very low price in a particular week. The price of the product will be lower than usual selling price. We will have a poster in front of the vending machine and post the news in our official website and also in the fans page of Facebook to inform that which product is on special promotion. Objective of this strategy is to increase the stock turnover and reduce holding cost of those less popular products. So, that the products which contribute the least sales will be choose as the weekly special promotion product.

            Pokie Promotion
Most of the people love gamble and surprise. This particular human trait inspired us to apply pokie promotion. Our vending machine will have an added function that similar with slot machine. Customers will stand a chance to win a bonus for each purchase transaction that they make with our vending machine. There are two types of bonuses, which are cash voucher and extra quantity of product. The voucher or extra product will be distributed by the vending machine at the time they purchase. The chances and which product can win a bonus will be controlled randomly by our system. For the product, which takes part in the weekly special promotion, it will not stand any chance to win a bonus in the week.

4.4.2        Advertising Method

We will have attractive weather resistant banners around our location to catch people attention, especially the residential and commercial areas which nearby our location. It helps to create awareness of our product, services and location. Our banner will consist of company logo, product categories, contact and location map. Consistently display our banners in front of target customers can reinforce our brand name.

Online Advertising
In this 20th century, internet is a very powerful advertising too (www.ezinearticles.com, 2010). More and more people rely on internet to done their job and there are billions of users that are surfing the web every day. So, it is necessary for our company to have an official website. Customers can check for product update, make reservation for the vending machine rental service by visit our official website. It is also beneficial for JomBeli! as we able to get feedback and interaction with customers.

Not only official website, we will also create a fans page in Facebook. Nowadays,
Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world (www.buzzle.com,
2008). By using Facebook, we can easily target the segment of customer we need
and guide people to our official website. Facebook also a platform for people to discuss our company, it let us heard the “sound” of customers. Not only that, Facebook is also one of the methods to conduct our customer relationship management.

We will also print flyers and distributed to people within certain location, such as housing areas and LRT station that nearby our shop. By doing so, we are able to create awareness of JomBeli! services and products to people. Five thousand pieces of flyers will be printed and distributed each three month. The flyers will contain product categories and also company’s location map in order to reach our target market effectively.

5.0              OPERATION PLAN

5.1              Machinery and Equipment

Machine Type:

Selections & Capacity:
50 selections
350 drink items.

Machine Size/Weight:
730mm(D) x 1030mm(W)
x 1870mm(H), 280Kgs

Power Consumption:
220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz,

Temperature: R134a /
adjustable from 3ºC~14ºC

Charge System: Coin and


Machine Type:

Selections & Capacity:
54 selections
300 pack items.

Machine Size/Weight:
700mm(D) x 1030mm(W)
x 1870mm(H), 230Kgs

Power Consumption:
220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz,

Charge System: Coin and



Machine Type:
Book & Magazine

Selections & Capacity:
30 selections

Machine Size/Weight:
730mm(D) x 1030mm(W)
x 1870mm(H), 300Kgs

Power Consumption:
220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz,

Charge System: Coin and


Machine Type:

Selections & Capacity:
9 selections
400 pack items.

Machine Size/Weight:
675mm(D) x 1000mm(W)
x 1870mm(H), 220Kgs

Power Consumption:
220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz,

Charge System: Coin and


Machine Type:

Selections & Capacity:
20 selections
100 bags items.

Machine Size/Weight:
785mm(D) x 1003mm(W)
x 1830mm(H), 310Kgs

Power Consumption: 220v
or 110v, 50/60Hz

Temperature: R134a /
adjustable from 20ºC~25ºC

Charge System: Coin and

*specially belt drive bags
of bread




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Canned Drinks

Bottled Drinks

Canned Foods

Instant Noodles

Chocolate and Sweets


Health Care


Mini & Soft Toys


General Merchandise

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